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ThirdSpace Fitness
550 S. 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113
A person’s “Third Space” is a sociological theory that each person derives their identity from three places: your home space (first space), your workspace (second space), and the place you find community, your third space. Owners David Downs, Lance Miller, John Bourgeois and Danielle Valley took the idea of a third space further and defined it as a place where you learn about health, fitness, and goal setting with friends, old and new. As the world of high-tech in Silicon Valley grows and attract more workers globally, people move through the area quite frequently and it can be challenging to find friends with similar interests and goals. Thirdspace Fitness helps to provide that anchor of community support. Additionally, the overall local interest in preventative health care re... Read More
Morgan Hill Athletic Club
126 Cochrane Plaza, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
We at Morgan Hill Athletic Club believe that fitness is the center of a healthy lifestyle. We believe that fitness does have a social aspect, but ultimately it is an individual thing. We want to provide you, as a member, your best fitness choices possible. This means providing excellent facilities, a clean and safe exercise environment, courteous and professional staff, and an ever-interesting array of classes and services. This will enable you to keep your fitness commitment to yourself.
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